What happens during a session?  


For the first part of the session, we will sit and discuss what brought you in and what's been going on with you.  As we talk, I will be noticing your energy field and will most likely ask you some questions.  Sometimes, the energy field will begin to shift significantly in response to the conversation and our attention to the field.  My teacher, Barbara Brennan, often said that the words 'consciousness' and 'energy' can often be used interchangeably.  I have found that bringing awareness to an issue that has been in shadow will often be enough to generate an       

"Ah ha" experience and the field will begin to clear and balance itself.

Most often, however, I will use my hands to support the process.  

I may sit next to you and encourage you to drop your attention

into an area I am touching with the intention of helping you get a real 'feel' 

for how something you are thinking or feeling is creating a

specific energetic distortion in a specific area.  

I will also help you develop a healing response to the distortion.


My goal is to aid you in becoming more aware of your own

energy field so you can develop useful practices that you can use

throughout your day to bring yourself back into balance. 

I may have you lay on my healing table to receive more advanced energy work.  We learn well over thirty different healing techniques as Brennan Healing Science Practitioners, and I have used every one of them for a vast variety of psychological, spiritual and physical issues in the past 20 years. 

Why should I include a Brennan Healer as a member of

my professional health team?

The imbalances that lead to disease are present in the auric field before they present in the body. 

The energy field, which is generated by the chakra system,

is the template for the physical body. Every condition, 

everything we think and feel is present in the field

and can be perceived with subtle sense perception.

Simply put, issues are present in the energy field 

before they become fully manifest in the physical body.  

It is easier to maintain our health when we take the time to

'catch' and address an issue before it becomes fully embodied.  

What if you find something in my field?

If I discover an issue in your field during our conversation or a table healing 

I will begin to work with it at the energetic level immediately,

but I may also want you to get a second opinion, or additional support

from another professional.  During a session, I will be assessing the stage of the

condition so we can determine whether an additional modality of treatment would be

of value and I will share what I have seen so together we can discuss your next step. 

Simple example: 

Several years ago I had a client who was having pain in her shoulder after a bad fall.  When it happened she'd had x-rays taken at an emergency room and they sent her home in a sling saying

it would heal on its own.  In my office the following week I could see three torn ligaments in the area that would require surgery.  The tears didn't show up on the x-ray so I suggested she see a medical doctor and ask for an MRI.  She saw me once more for a fifth level, pre-surgical healing the day before her surgery to repair the three ligaments.

Will energy healing help with my issue?

People often ask me if energy healing will help with their specific issue and I considered placing a list here of some of the illnesses, psychological imbalances, relational difficulties, etc. that I have addressed in the past 20 years. 

But honestly, the better answer is simply, "Very likely".  I have worked with countless issues

and continue to discover new ways in which Brennan Healing Science can be of support in someone's healing journey. Bringing awareness to the energy field and using my healing science skills to address blocks and distortions can be a remedy for many issues in and of itself.  

Often however, the energy work I do becomes an invaluable adjunct to traditional healing modalities such as medicine, psychotherapy and chiropractic as well as non-traditional approaches like structural integration or massage therapy. 

Whether a client has come to me having already been diagnosed with a disease, condition or emotional issue, or whether we discover an issue during the session, addressing it at the energetic level will significantly facilitate the healing process.  I know this based on my own experience with thousands of clients over the years, as well as the experiences of fellow

Brennan Healing Science Practitioners all over the world.  


When would it be beneficial to schedule an energy session?

I recommend that clients see me at least once a year (preferably twice)

for assessment and energetic support, and then "whenever something comes up".   

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