Professional Background

I began my practice as a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner in Wheeling, WV in June of 2000, working out of my home for the first few years.  In 2004 I moved into an office suite with a psychiatrist and a licensed social worker.  In addition to seeing clients privately, we co-lead numerous support groups together.  The groups would sometimes share a common focus such as divorce or addiction, but would most often serve as a vehicle for general healing and

psycho-spiritual development.  

In my twenty-two years of practice (four as a student and 18 as a professional), I have collaborated with a number of health professionals including therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, physicians and a structural integration therapist. 

In 2005, I completed 3 years of additional training at The Barbara Brennan School of Healing to become a teacher and 'Hands of Light' Weekend Workshop Leader.  I have facilitated numerous introductory workshops in West Virginia, Illinois, Maryland and North Carolina, teaching the fundamental healing science skills taught to incoming freshman at the school.

Personal Story (what brought me to NC)

My husband Kelly and I moved to Black Mountain, North Carolina in 2015. We have been married for thirty years and have two grown children, a daughter who lives nearby in Asheville and a son who lives in Brooklyn. 

Kelly and I grew up in Wheeling, WV, lived in NYC for 10 years and moved back

in 1989 when our first child was two.  We loved raising children in Wheeling among family and friends.  I developed a thriving practice and Kelly became an established guitar player in the Wheeling/Pittsburgh area.  In 2012, the oil and gas industry placed a fracking pad less than 1/2 mile behind our home and it began to make us ill.  We searched for a new home, free of the potential for shale extraction, where the majority of the community holds nature in high regard, 

organic food is readily available and hiking is experienced as a spiritual practice.

We feel blessed to have found all of that and so much more here in the Asheville area.

It feels strange to be 'starting over' in a new location at a time in our lives when we might have been resting in what we had built.  But we are also deeply grateful to have landed here in wondrous Black Mountain, NC. 

I am practicing out of our home again, as I did in my first few years as a Brennan graduate, while I continue working with many client's long distance.  

As I become more established and familiar with this area, I am exploring how my unique skill set can be of service.

Before I began working as an energy healer, I worked as a professional actor 

in regional theatre and Off-Broadway in NYC for 10 years. I continue to be involved

in community theatre, playing Vernadette Sims in the 2016 Spring production of

"The Dixie Swim Club" and Babe in "The Queen of Bingo" in May 2017 at the      

Black Mountain Center for the Arts.


Brennan Healing Science

is a specialized holistic healing modality.  The Barbara Brennan School of Healing combines over 2200 hours of comprehensive instruction in hands-on healing techniques with body centered psychotherapy, psycho-spiritual support processes, deep self-introspection and High Sense Perception. Both the four year Professional Studies Diploma and the Bachelor of Science Degree Programs are Licensed by the Florida Commission for Independent Education.     

     Advanced Studies Teacher and Workshop Leader Training           2002 - 2005

     Professional Practice Program                                                               1996 - 2000

     Member of the Brennan Healing Science Association

The Center for Intentional Living                                            2003 - 2006
CIL is a three year professional enrichment program that explores psycho-spiritual development across the spectrum from early childhood through the separation-individuation process into adulthood, culminating in the process of conscious aging and dying.          

The Alexander Technique                                                                  1978 - 1989

I began studying the Alexander Technique as a student at Washington University in St Louis before any certification process had been established.  Over a period of about eleven years

I participated in well over 1600 hours of study with three different teachers: 

Marjorie BarstowDon Weed  and  Bruce Fertman.  

I also taught the technique for several years in NYC and Wheeling, WV.

Once I became an energy practitioner, I integrated the technique with my energy work.

Co-Creative Science

I began using the processes outlined by Machaelle Small Wright and her work at the

Perelandra Center for Nature Research  in 1994 and have continued to use them daily ever since.  Perelandra Flower Essences, MAP sessions and MBP solutions are a significant part of my life both personally and professionally.

Additional Training

BA in Drama from Washington University  in St. Louis                                   1976 - 1980

The Sanford Meisner Technique at the William Esper Studios  in NYC        1981 - 1983

First Amendment Comedy and Improvisation Company, NYC                       1983 - 1986

Ongoing Study

Ligmincha Institute - offering the ancient teachings, transmissions and practices of the 

Bön Buddhist tradition of Tibet.

Siddha Yoga Foundation​   

Black Mountain, NC

-Bear Country-

This one lives on Cherry Street 

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