Janet is a retired public school teacher, mother, grandmother and artist.

Deborah has given me a new “awakening,” not only about myself but also about my faith.

I had been subjected to every test and medication known to medicine because of a failed diagnosis for something as common as shingles.  In reflection, I realized some doctors treat the elderly with callousness and dismissal.  By asking for pain medication, I was relegated to the “doctor shopping elderly,” so he not only didn’t listen to me he also didn’t even examine me.  This kind of attitude defines modern medicine today.  A patient is seen as a fragment -

a heart, a lung, a knee - not a whole person (as doctors once did).

When I went to Deborah, she recognized my illness and the pain and frustration.  She explained what was really wrong with me - that my personal behavior was at the root of my illness.  The worry, anger, frustration, and familial relationships had all contributed to my illness and that I was a whole person, not a specimen that could be treated by parts individually.

Jesus said we shouldn’t worry or be angry and that we should love one another “as I have loved you,” but we don’t understand Him because this kind of love seems so unattainable, but if we accept that love is what holds us together, then love is is our glue, our salvation.  This rationale is what I thought I believed in because of my faith, but I didn’t really understand until I talked with Deborah.  She opened my eyes.

Deborah also revealed to me past life experiences which have been manifested in me by memories or pain, and she has lessened their impact on me.  She has also taught me to relax with meditation and the use of Perelandra essences.  I have always felt driven  - by work and by rearing children - there was always something to do, something that needed to be done and never enough time for any of it.  I never learned how to come down off this merry-go-round. 

I have learned with her help to not expect so much out of myself, not to force myself to continue working, etc., even though I am tired or hurting,  I need to remember it is God’s will, not mine.

I also have a problem with being too involved with my children’s problems - loss of jobs

or serious illnesses.  I am too old to let these problems “bounce” off me as they once did.  Consequently, I harmed my health by worry.  I am learning to back off from them

and to live my own life.

Deborah has also done surgery on my heart after a serious bout with bronchitis last year.  Doctors thought I had heart problems but could find nothing.  I also fell a few years ago and lymph fluid had collected on my knee. She also healed that.  She moves the chakras in my lower torso back into place when I pull them out with worry or overexertion.  By healing the chakras, counseling, and surgery she has helped me to be healthier and more spiritual. 

She treats the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels of the body.

Lastly she has told me to “think with my heart.” not with my brain.  When I am painting

and endeavor to do this, I can tell when it is happening because my work comes together seamlessly.

For all of these things I am grateful.

Carole Ann Al-Din, MSW, LICSW
Psychotherapist, Advanced Certified Addiction Counselor 

When natural gifts and abilities are synchronized with highly developed skills, what appears to be the “wonder” of healing occurs.  To the layperson, healing may look like magic, but it is the result of Debi Sinclair’s alignment and grounded foundation in the healing sciences as a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School.  

As a psychotherapist in private practice, I seek out a network of support to triage my clients who have somatic symptoms, often complicated by traumatic experiences in their lives.  I have relied on Ms. Sinclair for diagnoses of problems and illnesses that have often eluded physicians; referred those individuals who are scheduled for surgery and are open to undergoing energetic surgeries or post-surgical healing; and those for whom problems have persisted in spite of using therapeutic interventions that typically have positive results.  In other words, Debi is often, but surely not always, the “last resort” when other mainstream modalities seem ineffective.  This is unfortunate because in my opinion, Debi should be the first stop in the healing process. 

More often than not, Debi can help resolve problems by guiding an individual to his or her innate healing powers using her highly trained hands of light and other natural sensibilities.  You will be privileged to have a healing experience with Debi and will learn a lot about yourself in the process.

Client Healing Experiences

Sue is a retired delivery person 

I choose to work with Debi because of her remarkable talent to read the energy systems

in my body and explain to me in a way I can understand, what is happening with a physical pain or an emotional issue I am dealing with. After heeding her advice on changing

my diet and lifestyle I have been able to bring more consciousness to my spiritual life

and make real progress.

I hold in sacred space the events of our sessions. Debi supports me in becoming personally engaged in my own healing process, many times bringing into light fantastic experiences that I know neither my imagination nor hypnotic trance could produce. 

Many of our sessions have dealt with my old issue of feeling I am just not good enough. 

I now see this feeling was based in fear that formed in early childhood and even past life experiences, that has built up as scar tissue not only in my body but also in my mind and psyche. It was Debi’s healing support that helped me to face these fears by accessing those experiences so I could understand the insight they offered. This inferior feeling was a defense I have built up [developed] to protect myself from feeling the overwhelming pain that my energetic and physical system was unable to handle at the time it occurred.

In one session I remembered myself as a very small baby. Suddenly, my sweet bliss of sleep was interrupted by two jealous siblings pinching me awake and telling me that

I was not supposed to be in their family taking the attention and love away from them. 

I could not handle this at the time it occurred, but after experiencing it with feeling, sound and colorful sensations on her healing table I was able to work out that pain,

let it go and begin to heal

Debi has given me tools to work through issues, like this one I developed as an infant, from an energetic perspective.  I am now able to question the source of my belief systems and view my daily interactions with people more objectively.  I am able to calm myself while looking at situations and interactions from a different perspective and not take it so personally. Learning to view the world from an energetic view has allowed me to experience joy and peace in both my mundane and dramatic daily moments. 

This has also helped me see all of life in a more miraculous way. 

Kelly is an adventurer, photographer and teacher in Marshall County WV.  

I asked her, "Why do you go to a healer?"

I go to a healer because she puts the job of healing in my hands and teaches me to trust and interpret the guidance I receive.  She asks me questions I don't know the answers to and I’m forced to delve into hidden areas I may want to overlook.  She encourages me to be responsible for my role in my relationships and to respond with love and a wish for healing for everyone involved.  To think of the highest possible good for everyone involved and not just myself or my interests.  

She is my mentor and points me to areas of study that I enjoy and enrich my life.
When things are difficult, she shows me different view points and it’s easier for me to be an observer and to make adjustments from a more loving place.
She helps to dispel the belief systems I have adopted that may not serve me and others.

I always feel much calmer after working with her.
She is working with all aspects of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self.
She is very intuitive and picks up when I am in or out of alignment.
She is my dear friend.  

​Copyright © Deborah Sinclair 2020

Professional Recomme​ndations

Dr. Dorothy  Jones, Ph.D, Psychologist 
Author,  "Joy Awaits: A Guide to Spiritual Paths of Peace, Love, and Healing"

One of the joys of my professional and personal life for the last twenty years has been working

with and referring clients to Deborah Sinclair.  She has a superlative ability to observe, heal,

and inform us of the many imbalances and health issues each of us has at the physical,

emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of our being.  

Additionally the people I have referred to her through these many years, as well as myself,

value highly her recommendations for our personal behaviors from dietary needs to more productive thought processes and more.  I wish I could provide everyone with some time with Deborah; new vistas of understanding, healing, and moving forward in our lives would

appear for us all.                 

Long Distance Healing with a Covid 19 Client - March 11, 2020     

What follows is a long-distance healing session I did with a fifty-year-old woman with an immunocompromised condition who contracted the virus.  She spent one day in the hospital due to fever and dehydration, was released when she was stable enough to self-quarantine.  She contacted me the following day when she began to run a fever again. I want to share my process in case some of you, especially my fellow healers, find it synchronous with what you are experiencing or helpful as we move forward.  I have written it in the Brennan language, but those of you who practice other healing modalities may still find it useful.  I found it interesting that I was not guided to address the virus directly, but the underlying issues of the client and her heart connection with others, the Earth, and her own

Universal Sense of Self. 

Following the healing, she experienced a manageable increase in symptoms for 48 hours - a cleansing reaction which often happens following a healing session. - On the third day she experienced a full recovery with no fever, only a slight lingering cough that lifted within a week..  

I began the healing by connecting with the fourth level of the field (the astral plane) at the heart center.

4A was open - 4B was clockwise, but slow-moving and there was an accumulation of dark, purple mucus around the chakras, which I cleared.  I moved down the body via the Vertical Power Current and became aware of a fourth level (astral) relational cord emerging from her first chakra down into the Earth.

Within the Earth, I became aware of our planet’s fourth level as a wave of dark teal watery energy flowing and churning as an inner ocean.  The energy began to upwell from the planet, and as it approached her body it became rose light entering her energy field.  I stayed with it as it became red rose light moving through legs and pelvis, then salmon in her lower abdomen, peach at her belly and pure rose light when it reached her heart. At her neck the rose light mingled with the energy there to become violet, then at her head a beautiful purple that became light rose again at her crown.  Then my hands began to move with the fourth level of her auric field - running up and down the VPC opposite each other (right hand moved up the front of her body - left hand down, then visa-versa) for some time.

Eventually,  the energy slowed - and both of my hands stopped over her third chakra (solar plexus), front and back, and the peach energy flowing there.  I moved both of my hands away from her body out through the levels of her field, staying in the area of her third chakra, holding at the seventh level of her field.  There I encountered the belief “I am alone”.  I was in conversation with the client throughout all of this and together we explored her beliefs around loneliness and people.  We entertained the possibility that an Earth connection is an ever-present relationship.  Together we felt the relationship as a way to experience becoming 'unlonely'.

Then my awareness expanded to the Seventh Level of the Earth’s Field.  I saw her standing with an expanded awareness of her seventh level energetic ‘bubble’ resonating within the Seventh Level Golden Grid of the planet.  We brought awareness then, to a Sense of Self in The Universe and the belief she mistakenly held in the third chakra area, that it is possible to be alone.  We sensed into the reality that we are never alone.  I circled her seventh level to close.

My opinion, at this point, is that this virus is revealing the state of our poor Earth relations and our troubling ways of treating Her as a resource - and not as the source of life.  

Micky is a client who scheduled a healing session before surgery. 

Approximately 15 years ago I had to have my gall bladder removed. I was told that the procedure would be performed laparoscopicly.  Since I personally knew someone that

had this procedure, and who told me, "it was a piece of cake" with "swift" recovery,

I didn't have any concerns.

Upon opening my eyes in the recovery room, I was overwhelmed with extreme pain, nausea, and terror. The nausea, vomiting, and pain continued even as I was released from the hospital. A day later only minor pain remained, and I could begin my "swift" recovery. Even after six weeks, if I moved a certain way, I felt as though my insides were being ripped apart.

Fast forward to 2011. In February of that year, I was diagnosed with uterine cancer and had to have a total hysterectomy. The procedure would be performed laparoscopicly.  Strangely, I was only briefly worried about having cancer....the procedure was more worrisome. While talking with one of the wisest people I know, I asked if she thought seeing Debi for an energy healing session would be beneficial. She told me that seeing Debi was a must (this from a woman I rarely, if ever, heard the word must). I saw Debi a day before my surgery.  After the energy session Debi told me that the cancer was located on left side of my uterus and that everything was going to be okay.

After surgery and in the recovery room, I heard my sister telling me the surgery went well. Upon fully awaking around 2:00 a.m., I turned my head toward the window, looked at the night sky, and smiled...no nausea, fear, and only slight discomfort. I left the hospital that morning and took pain medication only as a precaution for the ride home from Pittsburgh. Upon arriving home I actually felt as if I could run the sweeper. I felt wonderful! I believe

I took my last pain pill that evening for minor discomfort.  My recovery was immediate

and I never again had pain or discomfort from the surgery.

The difference between the two surgeries was dramatic.  What was the reason?  Was it the surgeon, improved technology, the healing energy session, my positive attitude, or all of the preceding.  Me, I believe the healing energy session was one, if not, the top factor.  I would encourage anyone to put the healing energy session on their must-do list if surgery or any medical procedure is required.

By the way, the cancer was located on the left side of my uterus.