I am blessed to be co-leading this virtual workshop with Edrianna Stilwell - a fellow teacher and workshop leader.  We have been working together for some time now, enjoying our unique and complementary perspectives on the human energy field.  Our collaboration will make for a full and exciting experience of auric exploration!

To register for this workshop, I will direct you to our shared email address: edf.seeds@gmail.com

But please feel free to contact me for more information.

 Brennan Healing Science Practitioner

For venue, directions and lodging information:

Mountain Inn and Healing Sanctuary

The registration deadline for this live workshop is August 21

The Weekend begins with a Friday Evening Lecture:  

                Four Dimensions of Humankind 

Friday, September 11, 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM
Originally titled The Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Energy Field,  this is an overview of the chakra system and the auric field as described in the book "Hands of Light" by Barbara Brennan.  
I will cover what the chakras are and how they function, as well as why perceiving and understanding their complexities can be so valuable in the healing process.  

Weekend Overview
We will spend the weekend days exploring the energy field -  practicing exercises that will expand our high sense perception, preparing to learn a hands-on healing technique called a chelation in the afternoon.  Participants share experiences designed by Barbara Brennan to support the process of making conscious contact with the energy field gently and effectively.  

The workshop is designed for both experienced professionals as well as those new to energy work. It is an experience that will support our own evolutionary process and deepen our appreciation of the human energy system and the expression of Core Essence - our authentic self.  

Saturday, September 12
9:00 am -  12:30 pm
The morning begins with a short lecture on the basics of high sense perception.  The rest of the morning is spent exploring exercises that will ground and charge the auric field.  We will also pair up (with masks) to practice opening our subtle senses as we begin perceiving the flow of energy in relationship with another.

Lunch 12:30 pm  - 2 pm

2 pm - 5:00 pm
The afternoon begins with kinesthetic exercises that support a deeper, felt sense of the auric field.
There will be a demonstration of a chelation healing, followed by learning and exchanging chelation healings with a partner.  Chelation requires little to no face to face interaction.

5:15 - 6:00 
Optional Barbara Brennan School of Healing talk for those interested.

7:30 - 9:30

Optional evening fire circle to hang outside with each other around a fire (weather permitting) and share experiences of the day or 'where we are now' with what is happening in our world.

Sunday, September 13

10:00 am 12:30 pm
Opening meditation
Exchanging chelation healings with guidance. 

Lunch 12:30 pm - 2 pm  

2 pm- 4 pm 
Psychometry exercise to further open high sense perception
Questions, sharings, and closing

There is a medical protocol regarding psychotropic medications for this workshop, 
please contact  
Deborah for details  or if you have any questions about the material.

Previous Participant Comments:

"I want to thank you again for the outstanding workshop you and your colleagues put on last weekend... You were so correct in that my own energy field had me in "la-la" land for several days and I am just now coming out of it... Anyway, I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the entire experience. I have been to many workshops dealing with various aspects of energetic work and this was, by far, the best presentation I have seen, in both style and content. Your introductory lecture was outstanding!!!  Well done!!!... and thanks again!!  - John, LMT 

"I gained awareness, and insight into and around human energetics that will allow me to continue growing and balancing my body, mind, and spirit." - Carrie 

"This was a great introduction for me, great leader, comfortable environment, safe for sharing and enjoyed the whole thing. I loved the feedback from Deborah during the exercises and chelation healing practice."  - Stacie

"Deborah has a great style of teaching.  She isn’t afraid to move, dance or express and that really helped me feel more comfortable during the chakra exercises and chelation healing."  - Victoria

"I loved the color breathing!  Learning to ground through color.  Awesome! "     - Dee 

Now offering two  **Hands of Light**  Workshops

Virtually via Zoom - August 18 - 20, 2020

 Live and in-person - near Asheville, NC  - September 11- 13, 2020 

Scroll down for more information!

Seven Sisters

Lake Tomahawk

Black Mountain, NC

I have had a professional practice for twenty years and have supported clients in three general areas:

***  Hands of Light Introductory Workshops  ***

These workshops are designed to expand your

 understanding of the auric field and the chakra system. 

They both include lectures and ​experiences to

support developing the High Sense Perception

skills so critical to the creation of abundant health. 

​Please contact me for information.

Copyright © Deborah Sinclair 2020

Hands of Light Workshop at the Mountain Inn and Healing Sanctuary near Asheville, NC

Why offer a live workshop at this time?

The experience of meeting and sharing with others is a need.  We need to experience a variety of relationships and personal contact with others to enjoy vibrant health.  In my private practice, I am seeing the long term consequences of prolonged isolation.  I can also see full well that this virus will be with us for some time going forward and we must find ways to gather together - safely.  I can think of no better way to meet our need for communion than to gather with others to explore the human energy field and learn the fundamental principles of healing science. 

So I have adjusted every experience that makes up a Hands of Light Workshop to accommodate and comply with the CDC Guidelines for Covid-19.

 - The venue is a beautiful,

    covered outdoor pavilion in the mountains of western North Carolina.    

 - We will be social distancing for the lectures, exercises, and meals. 

 - Meals will be served by a server on paper plates, no sharing of utensils. 

 - Although we will maintain outdoor social distancing (masks not required) 

    for several exercises...

 - Healers and clients will be wearing masks for 

    all hands-on experiences and table healings.

​ - Plenty of sinks available for handwashing.  

    We will be together - as safely as possible - but together!  

    Exploring the Fundamentals of Healing in Sacred Community.   

​The Intelligence of Nature

     Our experience of health can be              addressed as a reflection of the               quality of our relationship with

     the Earth. 

     Our willingness to consider nature's 

     intelligence reveals a great deal

     about not only what we choose to

     eat or where we choose to 

     live, but how we feel about 

     ourselves and how deeply we

     experience authenticity in our

     relationships with others. 


     Nature is a willing, co-creative                companion that can assist us in              making choices that benefit                     our health and the highest good.


     Nature is always seeking balance. 

​​​​​​Energy Healing​

Using subtle sense perception, 

I assess my client's energy field and the condition of the chakra system that generates the field, to identify both the current state and the source of an issue.

I then use a variety of hands on healing science skills to work with 
the chakra system and the levels of 
the energy field to reestablish 
health and vitality.  

Throughout the session I support my clients in the process of expanding their own awareness to include what is happening in their field, so they can become empowered to make choices and create positive changes from a place of clarity and balance.​

​​​​​​​​​Deborah Sinclair

Brennan Healing Science is an expanded, energetic approach to medicine and counseling. 

During a hands-on healing session, I help my clients increase awareness of their own energy field, providing them a broader, multi-dimensional understanding of their situation or condition.  I support them in their journey to explore the underlying vibrational source of their illness, relational difficulty or fear because doing so greatly facilitates the healing process.  The possibilities for healing become infinite as they begin to challenge their habitual misconceptions and limiting beliefs about life, becoming better able to reconnect with their purpose and the Essence of who they are. 

When our view of life is expanded to include the energy field we begin to more easily make choices and create experiences for ourselves 
that support more satisfying relationships and vibrant health.  

My unique perspective on health has evolved from the study and application of three cutting-edge modalities. Brennan Healing Science has provided me with the language and the abilities needed to accurately perceive and work with the human energy field throughout multiple dimensions. The Alexander Technique has been my vehicle for exploring the power of thought and its intimate connection to our physical mechanics. Co-Creative Science is a systemized process of forging a partnership with nature to address both personal and health-related issues.


     Healing often begins as a process 

     of bringing awareness to how and              why we are taking ourselves out of

     energetic alignment with our                      original intention for being here.  

     As we become more aware of the                mental, emotional and physical                  consequences of our misalignment, 

     we are better able to challenge 

     habitual behaviors or limiting beliefs, 

     thereby freeing ourselves to discover

     what this moment has in store. 

     When we are in alignment, 

     abundant health is supported, we  

     experience reliable Guidance and a            clear sense of purpose.  

     Alignment is our natural state.​​​